All Weather Tire Blowout Special

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all weather tire

Say goodbye to tire changeovers

The reason we need winter tires is that normal tire rubber hardens as temperatures drop below 7 C. Tire rubber must be flexible to grip the road. At that temperature, an all-season and a winter tire have about the same traction. As the thermometer drops, the winter tire gains grip and the all-season loses it.

The all-weather tire is a true four season tire. The all-weather tire is marked with the severe service emblem for winter conditions, just like a winter tire, but it can stay on your vehicle all year round. These are great for people who do not want to have to deal with winter to summer changeovers every season. Put them on and leave them on. Engineers have designed the tread pattern, along with the high tech compounds to handle snow, slush, rain, and sun; they can handle all that Mother Nature can throw at you and keep going.

Avoid the lineups and extra cost of winter and summer tire changeovers – book your appointment today by calling (416) 251-2500.


List prices start at $159/per tire. Installation not included.