Audi Q7 Battery Replacement – What You Should Know

Audi Q7 Battery Replacement – What You Should Know

Audi like many other premium performance car manufacturers are engineered with advanced technology features. These advanced features now also include the car battery. The car battery has evolved beyond simply providing enough of a short-term power burst required to start your vehicle.

A growing trend in modern car design is the increasing use of the primary automotive battery for purposes other than starting the engine. In conventional vehicle designs, batteries are tasked with supporting ever-increasing “key-off” loads and providing large amounts of supplemental energy when vehicle demands exceed alternator output.

Advanced vehicle technology such as diagnostics, GPS, voice recognition, driverless parking assistance and advanced safety and environmental features to name a few, are all contributing to increasing use of the primary battery for purposes other than starting the engine.

As a result of these technological advancements, the traditional lead-acid battery has also evolved. If you own an Audi in the model years 2006-2016 your vehicle is likely equipped with an advanced battery that requires special attention and care when replacing it.

It is critical to not have your battery replaced with a regular lithium ion battery because it will likely cause damage to your vehicle’s electrical systems. The damage caused to your vehicle can result in several thousands of unnecessary expenses to repair and/or replace the damaged modules and control systems.

If you are noticing an alarm appearing on the dashboard or loss of battery power and starting issues after recent service, you may have an issue with your battery or you may need to reset your electrical system and components.

A recent customer with a 2012 Audi Q7 came in with battery power issues and an alarm flashing on their dashboard after a recent service at another repair center. After a vehicle inspection and running some advanced diagnostics on the vehicle it was discovered that an incorrect battery was installed causing many of the performance issues being experienced. In this situation this customer avoided some very costly repairs.

Making sure the correct battery is installed is very important. Make sure that you are have an experienced and knowledgeable auto repair specialist service your premium brand vehicle and avoid costly mistakes.