Common BMW Repair and Maintenance Problems

Common BMW Repair and Maintenance Problems

Common BMW Repair Problems:

BMW’s are excellent vehicles with rear-wheel drive designs and strong engines all with the luxury feel all people want to be surrounded in. New models can be pricey so many opt for used models at a fraction of the cost.

The reliability of these cars remains at average because of the common repairs and the use of plastic versus other strong materials that could be used. In addition, the electronics tends to be complex causing the computer to set of signals that are meaningless to the health of the car itself. The engine cooling system results in common coolant leaks and failed water pumps which ultimately develop into overheated engines. Vacuum leaks caused by cracked hoses and oil leaks that create a burning oil smell are also very common, along with failed fuel pumps and fuel injectors.

Service and repairs require customers find a mechanic that is knowledgeable about and knows how to repair and service these German cars. Luckily, here at GB Autos we specialize in European cars and have been servicing BMW’s for over 18 years. We treat these cars like they are our own and ensure the vehicles are fixed to drivability, every time.

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