What is Predictive Vehicle Maintenance?

Predictive vehicle maintenance is  a powerful combination of a mobile app a telematics device and artificial intelligence that monitors relevant vehicle data and can predict vehicle failures and the maintenance needs of your vehicle in real time – alerting you BEFORE costly repairs occur.


How it Works?

Your car captures lots of data. Plug in an adapter to get your car’s data communicating with your smartphone.

Our partner Pitstop’s adapter plugs into just about any car’s standard diagnostics (OBD-II) port. It unlocks the data in your car’s on-board computer and connects to the cloud and to your smartphone ( iPhone or Android device).


Sync your vehicle adapter and your smartphone via Bluethooth

Our data engine aggregates data for VIN, recalls, remote diagnostics, and dealer recommended service reminders.

Notifications Automatically

Sent to You

All notifications are sent directly to your smartphone. Preventative and scheduled maintenance notifications are automatically sent to you and your service centre will at the same time.


Service Centre Maintenance

and Repair Updates

The digital concierge service allows your service centre to provide you with vehicle status and service updates along with vehicle pick up time directly to your smartphone via the Pitstop app.

Contact us to order your predictive maintenance

adapter today by calling (416) 251- 2500

(Regularly Priced at $300)